Etienne de la Sayette

alto, tenor & sopranino saxophones, keyboards, samplers

Trained as a jazz saxophonist, Etienne has his roots in traditional music. His musical activities are eclectic. He works as an instrumentalist and composer with numerous bands as well as for  theatre or movie scores. In Frix he plays sexy sax a gogo, as well as samplers and vintage keyboards. He has performed with Ubik (imaginary folklore), Exode (Caribbean reggae), Ti-Jaz (contemporary music of Brittany), with singer Rosena Horan (irish music), la Danse du Chien (Rock Band "à la Tom Waits"), Human Beings (acoustic funk),french singer CharlElie Couture, and Akalé Wubé (Ethio jazz) . He also plays and manages Gulab Ja Moun (atypical brass-band). He is curently touring for JMF with a duet called "aux bons tuyaux". Etienne is the main composer of Frix's repertoire. He also animates a "cult" weekly musical radio show, "des Oreilles avec des Trous" on Radio Libertaire - Paris.

Etienne has just released a new duets album on  Petit Label